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design for outdoor


Design for camping

public art

Moving ground

Interactive public a

top shade


Portable sun umbrell

Kitchenware design

Italian taste

kitchenware design


Shared fridge

Vineyard robot

robotic design

vacuum cleaner concept

Vacuum cleaner



medical design

We are creative, smart, and entrepreneurs.

Matterealize is a product design consulting firm that operates within many different fields of the design world. From helping to create successful Kickstarter campaigns to designing products from idea to manufacturing to helping established companies diversify their product from competitors. Using trend research to identify innovative colours, material and finishings we are able to turn an existing product into a more competitive and successful one..

At Matterealize the main benefit we provide is starting our clients to be entrepreneurs. We help them with the first step: creating a product. To do this we first want to meet personally our clients and understand how to turn their ideas into products with a value. After a first research we keep generating concepts until we find the right one to be developed and transformed into a prototype.

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