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Design Guidance

Industrial Design Consultants are first of all a guide in the product development process.

Designers need to clarify the needs of the clients, turn them in to a solid design concept and then into an object.

If designers aren’t able to guide clients, they are merely 3D modellers or 2D drafters. Both are honourable professions, but anyone with college certification can do that. To be a designer is to a direct a person’s vision as well as be a good communicator of that vision to clients.  This attitude can’t be taught in schools instead it is learnt by experience and it grows by taking risks and pushing yourself.

There are different fields that clients need guidance with.

The first is to help them analyse their idea and find the ideal position within the appropriate target market and then to identify what is comparable and find a way to make it stand out amongst the competition.

The second stage is manufacturing. To choose which technology is the best to produce the product –  small batch or mass production? What is the right choice for the clients’ intentions and potential?

Guidance does not mean to try to convince the client to do what we think is right, instead it means to metaphorically take their hand and help them on the path to successfully releasing their product into the market.

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