how to invent something new

Has Everything Been Invented? NO really

Generations of designers have convinced themselves that everything already exists and that every problem has already been solved.

We noticed that the main two categories of people that strongly think this are young designers that aspire to change the world by reinventing wheel or older designers that are not fully able to keep track of the rapid changes that are happening in modern day society.

As Zygmunt Bauman said, we live in a liquid modernity and the only ones that win are the people that are able to see the changes that are happening and adapt accordingly.

In this fast paced world where everything needs to be easy and efficient we are too easily distracted which causes us to lose the ability to think deeply.

That’s why innovation is so difficult because it requires effort, time and a deep analysis of what is around us. Please stop for a second and look at reality with wide open eyes.

Sometimes it is necessary to study history to be able to understand the future. If you think about how things have evolved  over time you will probably see how they could change. Reflect on how products change in different countries and why.

There are so many different points of view to see the world around us and to come up with innovative products.

Trends like the sharing economy, electric vehicles, internet of things, 3D printing and robots that are big right now are bringing with them a huge new wave of related products. In the same way that in the post war era there was an increase in peoples living conditions which then created a massive surge in the furniture design and appliances industry which has now become even more saturated.

We can’t get stuck in an era, we need to keep moving.

A designer is first of all a content creator, he needs to be able to understand the social and cultural context that he is living in before anyone else, what is coming next and be able to create the right content for it.

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