What happens in the Matterealize world

In 2017 Toronto won the NFL Grey Cup as well as the MLS Cup making them a very relevant city in the North American sports scene and making us think how important product design for sport is. It’s amazing to think about how a sport can

It probably happened to you to have a great idea in mind and  to be so exited to develop it but as soon as you think how to start the multidude of options, challenges stops you before you start is leaving you with a huge

Industrial Design Consultants are first of all a guide in the product development process. Designers need to clarify the needs of the clients, turn them in to a solid design concept and then into an object. If designers aren’t able to guide clients, they are merely 3D

Generations of designers have convinced themselves that everything already exists and that every problem has already been solved. We noticed that the main two categories of people that strongly think this are young designers that aspire to change the world by reinventing wheel or older designers that are

TOM facilitates an annual 3 day marathon of making (a “makeathon”), bringing together engineers, designers, makers, and people living with disabilities. We surround them with a comprehensive range of modern manufacturing tools and equipment: 3D printers, laser cutters, software, electronics, and traditional fabrication tools, and industry

As you may or may not know, every 29 June, the International Council of Societies of Industrial Design (Icsid) celebrates World Industrial Design Day (WIDD) click site. This year’s theme is: Youth in Design. Icsid’s members have often commemorated the day by holding a lecture, a

Want to learn more about the technologies on the outside of 3D printing? Things like 3D scanning, remote printer management & control, and how the technology is applied in product development? Then come out to our Peripherals of 3D Printing event to hear from experts

Application of 3D & Additive Manufacturing Conference January 20, 2016 3D printing technologies are revolutionizing the way businesses look at manufacturing around the world. As Canadian companies start to look to on-shore their production to increase quality and produce closer to their customers, the possibilities of

We are going to be at Chinook Centre on Friday December 4 from 4pm- 9pm to celebrate Calgary Urban Outfitters store’s 5th Anniversary singulair 10 mg. Live music, vendors, shopping, food, drinks & more. They also have a special promotion for the event, download UrbanOn app and receive 10%

We invite everyone to participate in the NFCA Calgary Crowdfunding Bootcamp on December 3rd. This is an immersive half day workshop + networking event that covers essential crowdfunding education for companies seeking to raise capital from alternative finance crowdfunding markets, investors, and all other parties interested in

Print Your Mind 3D hosted a 3D Hubs event at SAIT Polytechnic‘s Engineering Technology facilities. We had the chance to  visit the Applied Research and Innovation Services Lab (ARIS) at SAIT Polytechnic and meet Jim Nikkel and his team. They had a presentation about how industry is applying commercial 3D printing