TOM Calgary Makeathon 2016

TOM Calgary Makeathon 2016

TOM facilitates an annual 3 day marathon of making (a “makeathon”), bringing together engineers, designers, makers, and people living with disabilities.

We surround them with a comprehensive range of modern manufacturing tools and equipment: 3D printers, laser cutters, software, electronics, and traditional fabrication tools, and industry expertise useful reference. The diverse teams work for 72 hours to develop working prototypes that help empower people to overcome obstacles in their lives.

The Teams

TOM:Calgary matches skillsets to the challenge that must be addressed, while offering mentorship opportunities for young designers. Each TOM:Calgary team consists of a maximum of six people, including:

  • Need-knower(s) – either someone living with the challenges of a disability, or someone with a deep knowledge of a challenge
  • Experienced industrial designers, technologists, or engineers
  • Students from postsecondary institutions

For more info check this:

Tikkun Olam Makeathon: Calgary+Cochrane 2016


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